Medical Business Financing for Healthcare Professionals

Patients ask for doctors help when it is required to maintain better health. However, medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, therapists offices, nursing homes and many other medical offices need to run efficiently as a business entity and serve their communities.

Physicians, for example, may not have sufficient working capital to take advantage of an expansion opportunity, especially if they may be expected to commit within a short period of time.

While many doctors have established sound financing relationships with their banks, a traditional bank’s application for a medical business loan may take weeks if not months, for an approval. By that time the business opportunity initially offered may be lost.

Many medical professionals have found a financial partner in National Business Capital. A leading alternative financing company, we strive to assist healthcare professionals to obtain the financing they require quickly.

Medical Business Loans to Benefit Senior Care

A surge in the aging of the baby boomer generation may require an assisted living corporation to consider expanding its facilities. Older couples are seeking efficiency apartments with available on-site medical care more than ever before. Facility directors and planners need a financial relationship to rely on for medical business financing so that they can underwrite some of the construction costs involved.

That same population surge for persons over the age of 65 has provided the opportunity for some to provide a network of home health care workers to seniors still living independently.

To move quickly on this business and healthcare opportunity, many home health aide and assisted living business owners have turned to National Business Capital for swift financing applications, decisions and to receive working capital in days.

Hospitals as well must expand in numerous ways to provide their communities with optimal healthcare opportunities. For example, the recent ICD-10 electronic records update rollout caused many municipal medical facilities to upgrade their computer systems to accommodate this software update.

New advances in radiology have improved survival rates for many diseases and access to these new technologies are imperative to providing the best patient care possible for the most optimal outcomes. Through its Loans for Doctors & Dentists Program, National can assist medical professionals obtain Equipment Leasing and Purchase Financing, that enables medical businesses to lease or to purchase equipment from the vendor they choose.