Top 8 Dental Industry Trends in 2019

Dental 3D Printers

3D printers are revolutionizing dentistry and orthodontics by helping to drastically reduce time and costs associated with the production of custom aligners, tooth replacements, veneers, and crowns.

In-house 3D printers also decrease the dependency of private practices, on third-party labs and companies that typically design and develop these products. Hiring a specialist who can successfully manage and handle the equipment will eliminate this reliance and save you thousands of dollars long-term.

Same-day dentistry, thanks to 3D printing, will ultimately enable you to earn more revenue by taking on new patients and increasing client retention with faster appointments, and less time waiting for dental items to be created in-house.
Natural Dental Products

Going green is a popular trend across all industries, especially in the world of personal and professional healthcare.

As consumers increasingly opt for more natural products like charcoal toothpaste and bamboo toothbrushes in their personal lives, the incorporation of natural oral hygiene products within your dental practice will be a necessity moving forward.

Rid your inventory of artificial dental products made with unnecessary chemicals, in exchange for natural alternatives with healthier, more sustainable and less-abrasive ingredients.
Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are eliminating challenges, like cracked or deteriorated casts, that have consistently frustrated dentists and patients over the last few decades.

While computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software aren’t new to the dental industry, the prevalence of these programs will continue to grow as more practitioners gain access to this technology.

If you’re still using wax molds and clay casts to take impressions of your patients’ teeth, it’s time to upgrade your equipment in 2019.
Laser Dentistry

Laser technology is one of the many dental trends that’s taking the field by storm for various reasons. Its wide array of uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Whitening teeth
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Preparing the tooth’s enamel for the receipt of filling
  • Reshaping the gums
  • Removing bacteria during a root canal
  • Eradicating lesions

    Benefits of Laser Dentistry

    Dentists choose laser dentistry because of distinct benefits that make the procedures go more smoothly, and also reduce discomfort and healing time for patients.
  • Patients are less likely to require sutures
  • Anesthesia may not be necessary
  • The laser will sterilize the gums, making infection less likely
  • Less damage to gums shortens the healing time
  • Patients lose less blood than traditional surgery

Dental Group Practices

Individual dental practices are on the decline, and group dental practices are on the rise. Treating patients in an efficient and time-friendly manner is more important now than ever before.

Eliminate the increasing costs and challenges associated with owning and managing your own practice by joining forces with other trusted professionals in your area.

Creating a joint practice with other skilled practitioners is one common, simple, and effective solution, especially if you’re interested in keeping your business running post-retirement.

Also consider building a universal dental group which covers all types of dentistry, including general dentists, orthodontics, endodontists, and oral surgeons.

Improving The Patient Experience

No matter how new and updated your technology may be, patient experience is the ultimate factor that will directly impact the success of your practice.

All patients seek access to better, more affordable healthcare and an excellent experience with their healthcare providers.

Review your current patient experience to see how you can optimize the strategy from the moment someone visits your website and schedules an appointment to the time they pay their bill and walk out of your office.

Offer special deals or loyalty programs that emphasize patient value, and make the process easier to check in, check out, schedule appointments, process credit card payments, and more.

Automated Patient Tracking & Management Software

Digital automation technology benefits your team and your patients by streamlining, organizing, and reducing daily processes both in and out of the office.

Here are some of the many ways to save time by automating and simplifying your workload and patient responsibilities:

  • Text appointment confirmation notifications
  • Pre-recorded follow-up appointment voicemails
  • Online patient portal creation
  • Scheduled social media posts and digital marketing efforts
  • In-house form submissions via handheld tablet
  • Digital data collection and organization via cloud-based storage

Robot Dentists Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics

Dental technology has officially reached new heights in 2019. Artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry will transform the way dentists work and patients receive treatment, especially with the introduction of robo-dentists.

Robots are now able to perform minimally invasive dental work, like filling cavities, teeth cleaning, cap applications, and tooth extractions. Although robots aren’t currently accessible for more invasive procedures, recent success in China involving dental robotics are a good indication that AI dentistry may become mainstream in the dental space by the end of 2019.

Medical Business Financing for Healthcare Professionals

Patients ask for doctors help when it is required to maintain better health. However, medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, therapists offices, nursing homes and many other medical offices need to run efficiently as a business entity and serve their communities.

Physicians, for example, may not have sufficient working capital to take advantage of an expansion opportunity, especially if they may be expected to commit within a short period of time.

While many doctors have established sound financing relationships with their banks, a traditional bank’s application for a medical business loan may take weeks if not months, for an approval. By that time the business opportunity initially offered may be lost.

Many medical professionals have found a financial partner in National Business Capital. A leading alternative financing company, we strive to assist healthcare professionals to obtain the financing they require quickly.

Medical Business Loans to Benefit Senior Care

A surge in the aging of the baby boomer generation may require an assisted living corporation to consider expanding its facilities. Older couples are seeking efficiency apartments with available on-site medical care more than ever before. Facility directors and planners need a financial relationship to rely on for medical business financing so that they can underwrite some of the construction costs involved.

That same population surge for persons over the age of 65 has provided the opportunity for some to provide a network of home health care workers to seniors still living independently.

To move quickly on this business and healthcare opportunity, many home health aide and assisted living business owners have turned to National Business Capital for swift financing applications, decisions and to receive working capital in days.

Hospitals as well must expand in numerous ways to provide their communities with optimal healthcare opportunities. For example, the recent ICD-10 electronic records update rollout caused many municipal medical facilities to upgrade their computer systems to accommodate this software update.

New advances in radiology have improved survival rates for many diseases and access to these new technologies are imperative to providing the best patient care possible for the most optimal outcomes. Through its Loans for Doctors & Dentists Program, National can assist medical professionals obtain Equipment Leasing and Purchase Financing, that enables medical businesses to lease or to purchase equipment from the vendor they choose.