Paperwork2-3 years tax return
2-3 years financials
3 to 6 months bank statements
1 year tax return
1 year financials
3 months bank statements
No tax returns required
paper intensive
Multi page paper
one page-one minute
Number of Lenders111

10 Reasons Why National is The Nationwide Leader

 BankDirect LendersNational
Paperwork2-3 Years Tax Return
2-3 Years Financials
3 to 6 Months Bank Statements
1 Year Tax Return
1 Year Financials
3 Months Bank Statements
No Tax Returns Required
Paper Intensive
Multi Page Paper
One Page
One Minute
Number of Lenders1175
Service LevelProcessorProgrammaticPersonal Advisor
Approval ProcessWeeks/MonthsDays/WeeksHours/Days
Speed to FundingMonthsDays/WeeksHours/Days
Collateral RequirementsAlwaysSometime RequiredNot Necessary
Business ProfitabilityLast 2 YearsSometime RequiredNot Necessary
Credit Score680+Fico680+FicoNo Minimum Fico
Credit CheckHard PullHard PullSoft Pull